Temple of the Living God

Non-denominational Metaphysical Church

Intuitive Development

Intuitive Development Design Image
Third Thursday each month

Intuitive Development Design ImageWhen: Third Thursday each month
7-9 pm 
Location: Temple lobby
Love Offering
New Facilitator: Nancy Christensen

Join us the third Thursday each month and learn how to access, understand and strengthen your natural intuitive abilities. This group is for thoses who wish to develop their psychic awareness and become more aligned to their own intuition. Each month a new topic will be presented related to developing our intuition, becoming more sensitive and living a richer life because of it. 

Hope you can join us! Coffee and snacks provided.

Monthly Topics: 

January - Akashic Records by Alma Ayala

The Akashic Records is a modern term used to describe an unseen field believed to hold the story of our lives. It contains our soul’s records and has been referred to in spiritual and cultural traditions across the globe by various names – The Book of Life, Hall of Remembrance, Etheric Records, and Cosmic mind, among others.
Come and discover a wonderful loving resource available to anyone interested in getting the most out of life and playing an active role in their own healing work. And hear the story of one woman’s personal journey of discovering the Akashic Records – and its life-changing impact.

February - Numerology with Terri Giordani