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Pranayama: The Vitality of Breath

 Pranayama: Vitality of Breath Image
Saturday, December 16

Pranayama Vitality of Breath ImagePranayama: The Vitality of Breath
December 16, 2017
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Suggested Love Donation: $15.00

In this workshop Dr. Ronald K. Porter will use story, music, dialogue, and meditation to explore the connection between the breath (pranayama) and life vitality. Drawing from Yogic, Buddhist, and Taoist traditions, Dr. Porter will lead participants through various forms of pranayama and explore the numerous sensations produced in the body when we simply “be here now”.

Please bring a mat if you have one. 

Bio: A native of Washington D.C., Dr. Porter is the Director of Service-Learning at Eckerd College and teaches yoga at Metro Wellness and Community Centers.