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Behind The Roles We Play

   Behind the Roles We Play
Behind the Roles We Play ImageDate: Saturday, January 27, 2018
Time: 12:30-3:30
Cost: $20
Instructor Gail DiNoia

Did you know that key events occur in our lives every 7-9 years? These events are often associated with roles we play at various stages of our life---and behind each role are beliefs about how we should act.
In The Four Agreements , Don Miguel Ruiz says that, as children, we became “domesticated” by our parents, teachers, and ministers. In other words, we learned how to act in order to please others, gain rewards and avoid punishment. Eckhart Tolle in “A New Earth” tells us: “Your thinking--the content of your mind--is conditioned by the past: your upbringing, culture, family background, etc.”
We might be surprised to discover that we may still hold beliefs that are no longer true for us. If we want to uncover thinking patterns behind the masks we wear, do not miss this thought-provoking and fun-filled workshop.
Together we will:
● Identify key events in our life
● Associate the events with roles we have played
● Review beliefs that were established long ago
● Determine what beliefs may no longer truly serve us
● Learn how to release old beliefs
● Complete a personal “coat of arms” about our life

Gale DiNoia ImageBio: Gail DiNoia is a workshop facilitator, coach, teacher, and writer. She has led workshops on various topics, facilitated caregiver support groups, taught metaphysical classes, and led church-sponsored study groups. She has been a student of metaphysical studies for the past 45 years and has
completed many diverse courses of study including Numerology. Gail was
an active member of The Temple of The Living God for several years prior to moving to Sarasota FL.