Temple of the Living God

Non-denominational Metaphysical Church

Discover Your Personal Energy with Numerology


Numerology ImageSaturday June 10
12:30-3:30 p.m.
Cost: $20
Instructor: Gail DiNoia

Learn the science of Numerology and how this knowledge can provide a depth of information about your personality and purpose in life. Find out how you can reveal the energies behind your name and birth date, plus discover the challenges that you are here to overcome in this lifetime.

By attending this workshop, you will be an active participant in these activities:
• Create a life chart to determine the energies of your name
• Learn the meanings of the numbers in your chart
• Discover the purpose of life revealed by your birth date
• Look at your peak experiences from birth to your final years
• Identify key challenges to overcome
• Calculate your personal year, month and day

With this workshop, you can learn enough information about Numerology to create your own life chart as well as one for a friend or loved one. This is not only a fun way to learn about yourself and others, it is a true Science!

Gale DiNoia ImageBio: Workshop presenter, Gail DiNoia has been a student of metaphysical studies for the past 45 years. She was trained in Numerology by Rev. Dorothy Ann Jackson, Minister Emeritus from Unity of Sarasota and studied Kabbalah with Bob Waxman author of Kabbalah Simply Stated. Her previous workshops include: Identification of Core Beliefs, Challenges of Caregivers, Becoming A Group Facilitator, and Time Management. She has facilitated a caregiver support group, several book study groups, and three spiritual home study groups sponsored by Unity of Sarasota and First Unity in St. Petersburg. Gail was a member of The Temple of The Living God
for several years prior to moving to Sarasota.