Temple of the Living God

Non-denominational Metaphysical Church

Exploring The Law of One

Law of One ImageATTENTION:
Class Schedule & Time change:
Nov. 22 - NO CLASS

Nov. 29, Dec. 6 & 20 

NEW TIME: 11am - 1pm
Starting January 3 class will meet every other week 
Time: 11am - 1pm
Suggested Donation: $10 per class
Facilitator: John Mavros

This quote describes The Law of One:
“Consider, if you will, that the universe is infinite. This has yet to be proven or disproven, but we can assure you that there is no end to yourselves, your understanding, what you would call your journey of seeking, or your perceptions of the creation. That which is infinite cannot be many, for many-ness is a finite concept…. In an infinite Creator there is only unity….In truth there is no right or wrong…You are everything, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are. This is the Law of One.”

The Law of One Book ImageIn this continuing class we will explore spiritual growth channeled in Book 1 of “The Law of One..." This includes information about the pyramids, the presence of alien beings on earth, healing with crystals, telepathic communication, Atlantis, Venus, Mars, the origin of human civilization, and more.

Attendees may order Book 1, or the five volume series comprising The Law of One, from Miracles Book Store, or it may be downloaded for free online.

John Mavros ImageBIO: John Mavros is a mentor for WestCare, Inc. John started his career as an elementary school teacher and middle school guidance counselor. He studied Anthropology at Princeton University and has a Master of Education degrees at Trenton State College and Columbia Teachers College. In 1972, John founded The Joint Connection a non-profit organization whose purpose was to keep families together by providing transportation for visits to prisoners and by offering a job search assistance for ex-prisoners. The Joint Connection is still running today. John has devoted his adult life to serving the least well served in our society. He seeks to affirm and expand his faith by serving the Temple of the Living God.