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Shustah Cards with Rev. Nancy Christensen

Shustah Cards Image
with Rev. Nancy Christensen
December 9
Suggested Donation $20 

Across the years, the Pages of Shustah have been expertly taught by Rev. Betty Pressly. The Shustah Cards are symbolic tools for understanding the written work of the Pages of Shustah.
This divination & meditation deck was created around 1974 by Ann Manser*, with the cooperation of Cecil North. Additionally, a companion manual was co-written by Ms. Manser and Mr. North to help clarify the deeper meaning of the deck. The deck consists of 70 cards grouped into 5 different color(suits) - red, green, yellow, blue and black. These 5 colors can be compared and related to the suits of the Tarot. Each suit contains 14 cards. The sketches on the cards were done by Ann Manser, mostly in pen & ink. The images induce “movements” within the cards that provide a great venue for psychic awareness. The descriptions in the companion book are brief but there is enough information provided to give a good foundation. Each card is described in 7 levels of understanding.

For the class you will want to have a deck of Shustah cards as well as the companion book. Both can be obtained in our Miracles Bookstore.

Rev. Nancy Christensen ImageBio: Rev. Nancy is a semi-retired ordained minister in the Spiritual Coptic faith. She has served as senior minister in several spiritualist churches in Michigan. Prior to her ordination she owned and operated a hypnotherapy clinic. Rev. Nancy is now retired in St. Petersburg. She has found that meditation and prayer are major tools and has taught classes in both. She continues to serve as a psychic, teacher, speaker and chaplain in the Temple of the Living God and in local hospitals.

*Ann Manser was born in Montana. At the age of four she had a major recall of a former incarnation which revealed the ability to communicate with all forms of life. Her personal studies
evolved from myths and symbolism into the deeper archives of color, auras, and evolutions of the kingdoms. Her studies concentrated on the revelations of the Holy Kabalah from which the Shustah and Kabalistic lectures were to emerge.